I just worked really hard to rip AngularFire (@angular/fire) out of my codebase.
If you don't know, AngularFire used to be awesome. This was best around 2019 2020, but after being under-served and failing to fully finish several migrations (the Firebase SDK now uses a modular approach), it's kind of a mess.
I tried and failed to update from v6 up to v16, v17, and beyond, because I wanted to try out Angular 18. This didn't work (ng update would refuse to update to v16 because it forces only updating one major at a time, which is a bit silly), so I ended up deciding to rip it out.

Steps to remove

  • Remove @angular/fire from your package.json
  • Swap out the AngularFireModulesfor your own keys
providers: [
  { provide: BUCKET, useValue: '...'},
  { provide: FIREBASE_APP, useFactory: () => initializeApp({...})}
  • Create a service that calls initializeApp from firebase/app and save your FirebaseApp`.
constructor(@Inject(FIREBASE_APP) private fbApp: FirebaseApp) {
  • Create (or use the same) a service for each of the Firebase modules you want to use, and then get a persistent handle on the service you want.
db = getDatabase(this.fbApp);
storage = getStorage(this.fbApp);
auth = getAuth(this.fbApp);

Here's a sample commit