I've been working on two crazy experiments during the holiday break.

Depup for Angular

Angular has a lot of peer dependencies. Managing these things and keeping them all up to date is a nonzero amount of work for developers each week or each month that can often require an in-depth understanding of Angular.
For me, this often means that I have to update the version numbers and dependencies. I'm kind of sick of typing npm install --save @angular/{core,common,compiler, ... }, so the idea is that I take the CLI-recommended set, or the angular/angular dependencies and store them with each update so that it's easy to take them and apply them to existing projects.
Github URL: https://github.com/StephenFluin/depup-for-angular

Angular Inspector

One of the questions I'm asked all of the time is, "Who is using Angular in Production?". I have a short list of companies that are happy to share, but it would be nice to find a broader set of domains and companies using Angular.
Angular is much harder to detect than Angular 1.x, but if you know what to look for in the loaded sources, or if you are running version 2.3 or later, we can actually detect Angular on a lot of sites. I don't want to be manually checking the sources of every page I visit, so I built modified an existing Chrome extension that I've used for years an added detection for 2.3 and later.
Github URL: https://github.com/stephenfluin/angular-inspector