I love the Angular Community, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I also happen to be one of the luckiest people on the planet because part of my job is connecting to the community. I didn't actually plan to end up here, but I'm amazed and appreciative every day that I get to share my passion with the world, and get paid for it.

Who is in "The Angular Community"?

You are! More specifically, everyone that attends Angular conferences, reads blog posts, tweets, shares ideas with friends, and everyone that just silently builds with Angular (and there are a lot of these!).
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Pictured: Shai Reznik of HiRez.io
Modern software development platforms can only be successful by encouraging and growing a community of developers. No matter what company you work for (even Google), there are more smart people outside your company than inside it.
Being supportive of a community that teaches, trains, mentors, and shares means that a technology like Angular can be thousands or millions of times bigger than the handful of engineers working on it.

Party Time

If you haven't been to an Angular conference, I definitely recommend it. There's something magic about the experience, and the friendships and connections that get made there have a real impact on people's lives and productivity.
Angular events definitely know how to party, but one of the most common responses I hear when I ask what were people's favorite parts of a conference like ng-conf or Angular Connect is what I've come to call "The Hallway Track".
The Hallway Track represents all of the things that go on at a conference that aren't arranged by the organizers. The time you spend talking to exhibitors, speakers, sharing your experiences with your neighbor.


Angular communities can be found in every major city in the planet. Basically any time I'm travelling for a meeting or conference, I reach out to the local communities and try to spend as much time as possible talking to developers.
There's a few awesome communities/events on my list that I keep hearing about but I haven't been able to visit yet:


Many of the community members show so much passion, which combined with their wicked smarts means some really cool tools that continue to change the world every day. There's no way I could list all of the amazing people, but here's a few established and new community members you should make sure you follow.
Minko organizes AngularSF and builds awesome tools that help you write better code and understand what's going on in your applications.
Founder of This Dot, organizer of around a thousand meetup groups, she has tech and business savvy and knows how to bring people together.
Wassim builds beautiful sites with Angular and tries to fill new holes from his experience with real companies.
Eric teaches developers and co-founded the awesome StackBlitz which takes you from zero to productive Angular developer in about 6 seconds
Hanyu is working to statically analyze AngularJS and Angular applications, and as a side effect, he was able to build a tool that will use this semantic understanding of applications to help you transition your apps to Angular.


Being a developer is hard. We are often asked to justify your choices when there is no clear "best" answer. Living on the internet makes this even more difficult because it's extremely easy to get sucked into anonymous "either or" battles or "X vs Y" conversations which make our work into a zero sum game. A key attribute of the Angular community is its ability to continue to be positive.
Angular hugs
We can all win. The more we can exhibit respect and the more we do for each other (especially in other communities) the more the state of the industry is going to be advanced. When new ideas are created, proven, and explored, we all benefit. We all want the same things, and realizing that everyone on this planet is on the same side goes a long way towards making this world a place that we all want to live.

Thank You

The Angular team values:
  1. Apps that users love to use
  2. Apps that developers love to build
  3. A community where everyone feels welcome

The community is awesome because YOU are awesome, and so I want to say a huge thank you to everyone. You do great work and inspire me to work harder every day to be there for you.